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Thread: Are clay pots safe to put in a tank?

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    Are clay pots safe to put in a tank?

    Is Terra Cotta or Clay Flower Pots Safe ?
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    I had some experience for using terra cotta or clay pots in my African Cichlid container. They are excellent locations for these cichlids to cover up. I was thinking are they safe for the cichlids? Has anyone ever used them before or know or their safety for fish tank use?


    Question: Are clay pots safe to put in a tank?
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    Unglazed Clay Pots such as the one in this picture is ok to use in cichlid tank. If you keep cichlids that need pH in 7.5 to 8.0, I would not suggest using them, however, as they usually reduced pH in much the same way as driftwood and peat moss does. Accordingly, if you keep your cichlids demanding reduced pH (5.0 - 6.5), these would be a very inclusion to your container. Cichlids Fish enduring extensive varies of pH won't be worried, and this includes most tropical and coldwater cichlid fish.

    so Clay Pots are safe to use in Cichlids Tanks.

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