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My name is Tim.

Ive been involved with aquariums ever since I was 10 years old.

My mother owned a dog wash business and during school holidays I would work with her to make a little cash. We met a client one morning and as we walked through their garage I seen a 6 foot tank in the corner and asked if they would be interested in selling it. They sold me the tank and this is what got me into this hobby.

Since then Ive owned a few aquariums and had a variety of different tropical fish. But my favorite types of fish to have were always cichlids. They are such an interesting species of fish to have. From their colors to their behavior and how easy some of them are to breed. I managed to breed a few species of cichlids a number of times and always wanted to eventually make a living from breeding fish. I learned alot of valuable information over the years and thought it was best to create a website and share my knowledge and experiences to better serve others who are looking to get into the hobby.

Cichlids are not too difficult to keep, as long as adequate maintenance is done regularly your fish will do great.

I am looking forward to the development of this site and look forward to meeting and speaking with you, come and find me and other cichlid owners over at Facebook and follow me on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest .

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