Year: 2015

Salvini Cichlid Overview Salvini Cichlid Overview

The Salvini Cichlid – A Colorful Wizard The Salvini cichlid (en: Cichlasoma salvini) is a colorful South America cichlid, pills known also as yellow belly cichlid or tricolor cichlid, due

Jaguar Cichlid Overview Jaguar Cichlid Overview

Jaguar Cichlid – Large and Territorial The Jaguar Cichlid (scientific name: Parachromis managuensis) is a South American freshwater cichlid, and which has been introduced in the USA, vcialis 40mg Philippines

Frontosa Cichlid Overview Frontosa Cichlid Overview

Frontosa Cichlid – A Kind Giant The Frontosa cichlid (scientific name: Cyphotilapia frontosa), also known as “humphead cichlid”, is an endemic species in Lake Tanganyika, widespread in the north part

Firemouth Cichlid Overview Firemouth Cichlid Overview

The Firemouth Cichlid – A Colorful Jewel The Firemouth cichlid (scientific: Thorichthiys meeki) was discovered in 1918 by Walter Lannoy. It is native in South America, usually encountered in rivers

Rainbow Cichlid Overview Rainbow Cichlid Overview

Rainbow Cichlid – A Colorful Dwarf The Rainbow cichlid (scientific: Archocentrus multispinosus) is a South America cichlid, member of the cichlid group commonly known as dwarfs, due to their small

Convict Cichlids Overview

Convict Cichlids – The Fearless Zebra Cichlid The Convict cichlid (scientific: Amatitlania nigrofasciata), known also as zebra fish, is a cichlid species native to the coasts of Central America, encountered

Electric Blue Cichlid Overview Electric Blue Cichlid Overview

The Electric Blue Cichlid – Bluest Cichlid Alive The Electric Blue Cichlid (scientific name: Sciaenochromis fryeri) is a freshwater species endemic to the lake of Malawi, drug medical Africa. It

African Cichlids African Cichlids

African Cichlids – The Rock Dwellers African cichlid species make up an astonishing group of animals with great diversity in terms of colors, preferred habitats, prey and behavior. While one

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